Chapter 1: Genesis
Introduction to the Book of Mormon and to the Spalding authorship claims.
Chapter 2: Memories
How the authorship claims came about.
Chapter 3: Synchronicities
Looks into witness testimonies.
Chapter 4: The Letter
Claims made about Sidney Rigdon.
Chapter 5: Red Herring
How Rigdon was involved with Spalding.
Chapter 6: Hat Trick
Sidney Rigdon biography
Chapter 7: Questions
Information about D.P. Hurlbut
Chapter 8: Family Plot
All about the Cowdery family
Chapter 9: The Elusive Oliver
Tracing Oliver's Life
Chapter 10: The Gold Bible Business
Book of Mormon Production
Chapter 11: The Mysterious Stranger
Rigdon and Smith meeting before 1830
Chapter 12: Revelations
Summary of the books claims
Appendix 1
Joseph Smith Chronology from 1822 - 1830
Appendix 2
The Detroit Manuscript
Appendix 3
How to make an Angel . . .
Appendix 4
Joel King Noble Letter
Appendix 5
The Cephas Dodd Hoax
Appendix 6
Cowdery Family Chronology (1785 - 1830)
Appendix 7
Nineteenth Century Travel Facts and Statistics
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WAYNE L. COWDREY is an ex-Mormon whose interest in the origins of The Book of Mormon derives from his family's tradition that they are relatives of the Oliver Cowdery who figures so prominently in The Spalding Enigma. As it turns out, Oliver's grand-father William Cowdery, Sr., was Wayne's uncle, six times removed.

Wayne's genealogical quest initially led him to join the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (the Mormons), but his discovery of the unsettling facts surrounding the Spalding Enigma finally resulted in his severing all ties with the Church more than twenty years ago. In 1975, after teaming up with Howard Davis and several others to conduct further research, he joined with Dr. Davis as a co-author of the original version of Who Really Wrote the Book of Mormon? published by Vision House, Santa Ana, CA in 1977.

Wayne's persistent research, his large collection of file and anecdotal material, and his more than twenty-five years of close cooperation with both Dr. Davis and Arthur Vanick in trying to find a solution to the Spalding Enigma have all contributed significantly to the production of the present work, of which the 1977 volume was but a precursor.

Wayne L. Cowdrey lives in Orange County, CA, and is presently employed by an agency of the United States government.

HOWARD A. DAVIS, Th.D., is an author, lecturer, holistic health consultant, Bible instructor, and corporate executive. He is also titular head of the Spalding Research Associates. As a co-author of the 1977 work Who Really Wrote the Book of Mormon?, and an expert on the Spalding Enigma of over twenty years standing, Dr. Davis has made numerous public lecture and media appearances on the subject. And, like his associate Wayne Cowdrey, he too has endured both threats of violence and actual physical assaults (including an assassination attempt -- q.v. Moody Monthly Magazine, Nov. 1977, pp.10-11 for the story plus a photo of the bullet hole).

Dr. Davis currently serves as a board member of a widely-known holistic health association. He is also a recognized expert on certain aspects of criminology, and is the author of the controversial book The Zodiac-Manson Connection, (Costa Mesa, CA: Pen Power, 1997).

Dr. Howard A. Davis is presently employed as vice president of research and development for a skin-care therapy corporation.

ARTHUR D. VANICK is a computer graphics expert, multi-media producer, and voice talent, who was employed in the highly classified special projects division of a major U.S. government aerospace contractor until late 1992. Although not one of the co-authors of the 1977 book, he performed research and also edited some of the text. In 1993 he formed Spalding Research Associates with Dr. Howard Davis, Wayne L. Cowdrey, and Bill Moore. He currently operates "The Digital Voice", a multi-media production company and multi-track recording studio. As spokesperson for the group, Art has done many radio interviews and public appearances on behalf of his co-authors and the book. Booking for speaking and other engagements is through Concordia Publishing House or Arthur Vanick. Mr. Vanick can be reached via the internet at:

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