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We are the Spalding Research Associates, a group of part-time researchers and writers living primarily in Southern California. The back cover of our 2005 book, Who Really Wrote the Book of Mormon? - The Spalding Enigma, provides this brief attribution: "Wayne L. Cowdrey, Howard A. Davis, and Arthur Vanick have conducted extensive research into the origin of The Book of Mormon. As members of Spalding Research Associates, they have investigated documents in historical societies, libraries, and consulted with regional historians...."

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In the first of the two following interviews, Art Vanick and his ex-Mormon friend Richard Williamson describe what it is like to lead the life of a Mormon. In the next interview, Richard Williamson talks about the events and thought processes that caused him to leave Mormonism. Richard Williamson has held important positions in the Mormon organization, and draws from over 30 years of membership in that faith.

Life As A Mormon
Leaving Mormonism

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